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Graphic artist and illustrator. Trained in Digital Imaging and Desktop Publishing Software.


About me

Uwe Kreisel is a writer of travel books, textbooks, and computer books.


Author: Published numerous textbooks and CD-ROMs in the field of ESL (English as a Second Language) and three books on intercultural issues for the German publishers Rowohlt (Hamburg) and Hueber (Munich). Also wrote and published two books on the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Teacher: Teaching experience in the field of linguistics, public administration, information technology, graphic arts, intercultural topics, e-learning and language training. Taught in Germany, China and the United States (university lectures and seminars, in-house training, tailored corporate training). Delivery methods include case-studies, PowerPoint slides, role-plays, and simulations. CD-ROM and e-learning systems were incorporated into some curricula.

 Graphic artist: Experienced Adobe PhotoShop, InDesign, PageMaker, Illustrator and Premier user. Expert on Multilingual Desktop Publishing, especially for publications in Chinese. Designed and illustrated several EU-programme newsletters, brochures and textbooks in China using a Chinese version of PageMaker 6.5.

Journalist: Wrote English-language content for web sites and programme newsletters.

Illustrator, cartoonist, web designer: Proficient HTML coder, good JavaScript skills. Constructed Web-sites for several projects and businesses, including a Chinese university, an EU training programme as well as several German and Chinese companies, including two publishing houses.


E-learning expert: Designed and implemented training courses and testing software using authoring software and content-management systems.


Uwe is also a full-service provider with 15 years of experience, combining artistic and technical competence with a knack for teaching and training. He delivers both content (text) and form (artwork and design, camera-ready) for publications ranging from newsletters to websites and training courses.
Clients include GM Germany's Opel AG, Rowohlt Publishing, Hueber Publishing, Buch & Welt Publishing, the EU-China Training Programme on Village Governance, Icon Institute Public Sector GmbH, the Dutch Institute for Public Administration (ROI), SPAN Consulting (NL), Systhema Software, United Soft Media, and aigo, China's leading IT company.


German native speaker. Perfect spoken and written English. Basic spoken Swedish, Italian and Chinese. Can read Dutch.


Undergraduate work in art school, graduate work in art history and comparative literature.

Postgraduate studies in computer science, literature, linguistics, and American studies.

Master's Degree in literature.


German national, resident in Stockholm, Sweden, and Jemgum, Germany.



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